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10 Quick Tips About Samsung Double Door Fridge

It is very important to make sure that your Samsung fridge remains in good working condition for a long time and you can continue making the most of it. The places in your fridge that you keep the food in makes sure how long it can last. If you stuff your fridge with food, you will end up with ruined food because overstuffing will block the flow of cold air in your Samsung fridge. This article will give you a few tips to help you make better use of your single door fridge.


1. Items that may spoil easily should not be kept on the fridge door


The door of a Samsung fridge is the most easily accessed part, but it is also the part that regularly comes in contact with the warm outside air when the fridge is opened. Thus, if you keep food items that need a lower temperature to remain fresh on the fridge door, they will be ruined.

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2. Items that do not need much cold should be kept on the top shelf

The top shelves of a Samsung fridge are not that cold as the rest of the fridge. Thus, you can store food items like sauces and butter in that part because these items freeze over very easily, which is why they need a semi-cold temperature.

3. Meat should be kept on the lower shelves

If meat and fish are kept in the fridge for a long time, they emit a foul odor. To avoid this, you must wrap these items before putting them in the fridge. The lower shelves have a very low temperature which is why you should keep the meat in that part to prevent them from going bad.

4. Crisper drawers should be used to store fruits and vegetables

There is a separate section to keep your fruits and vegetables in. This part has adjustable humidity, and you can regulate it according to the items you are storing.

5. Maintaining crispness of food items

If you want to store crispy and crunchy stuff in your Samsung fridge, then you must put them in an airtight container along with a cube of sugar. The sugar will absorb any moisture and make sure the food items remain crispy.

6. Keeping the eggs fresh

Egg trays are provided with a fridge and are usually installed on the door of your Samsung fridge. But, eggs will remain fresher if they are kept in an egg carton inside the fridge.

7. Storing spices

Spices need to be stored in such a way so that the smells are not lost, which is why they should be kept in a dry place. The freezer or fridge compartment of a single door fridge is the ideal place to store spices in.

8. Items that should not be kept in a fridge 

The fridge is not for preserving all the available food items. For example, bananas should not be kept in the fridge because ripening will be delayed. Onions and potatoes should also not be kept in a fridge. Instead, there is a separate place for their storage outside the fridge.

9. Making clean and clear ice

Water should be boiled properly before putting it in the freezer to get rid of all the impurities. This will result in the formation of clean and clear ice.

10. Preserving milk

Milk should be kept in the coldest part of the fridge and made sure that it does not get contaminated at all.

Let us look at a couple of models of the Samsung fridge which you can buy and utilize all these tips to make the best use of it.

1. Samsung 523 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

  • Frost Free, Double Door: Auto defrost to stop ice-build up
  • Capacity 523 L: Suitable for families with 5 or more members

2. Samsung 244 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

  • Frost-free refrigerator; 244 liters capacity
  • 244L capacity: Suitable for a family of 2 to 3 members

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