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5 Reasons these DIY Myths are Biggest No

Diy is easy and convenient, also saves lots of money, but not all DIYs are safe, just like DIY data recovery for your failed or damaged hard disks. Especially for those working from home, this article will show you the most dangerous risks with DIY data recovery that can risk your organization’s data and your position too! Instead, you can connect to a data recovery specialist to give you better options to save the company’s credentials. 

1. Swapping circuit board

This trick was famous in earlier times, but now if you try to attempt it, you can ruin the case. The circuit board is connected to the hard disk, which can make the data recovery irreversible. Not even professionals can recover a hard disk with a swapped circuit board. 

2. Freezing hard disk

This is yet another famous trick to fix the damaged hard disk. People often do this and fail to attempt successful data recovery. When you put the hard disk in a freezer or freeze the platter, it condenses the water in the platter, damaging it more poorly.

3. Opening the hard disk case

People who act to be an expert, often miss the screws hidden beneath the labels on the hard disk. When they finally open the screws, the upper disk of the hard drive damages severely and data recovery becomes irreversible.

4. Sticky rice

People working remotely may find this trick magical to put the damaged hard disk with spilt water on it in a sack of rice that will soak the water, and the hard disk will run normally; the only thing that happens is that the hard disk covered with rice and residue is sent to recovery centres.

5. Encrypted hard disk

If you have a backup in your external hard disk and try to encrypt it, you can risk permanently encrypting the data in it. The encryption key in these hard drives are often provided in a chip inside the electronic enclosure. 

But in a rush, people throw away the external enclosure and try the recovery without encryption; the drive becomes forever encrypted. 


DIY recovery might be user-friendly, but it could lie heavy on you without any information on such DIY. When you see no possibility while recovering the data, connect to a recovery expert that provides remote data recovery services with a secure network to ensure safety in the pandemic

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