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Tips for Adding a Little Comedic Value to a Business Pitch

Business pitches are serious, and the future of your business plans depends on them going off without a hitch. If you successfully convince investors to believe in your ideas, then you will be able to reap the benefits of additional funding in order to keep the business moving forward. 

The first thing that investors are looking for is the quality of your business plan. You need to have an excellent and viable plan to ensure that its value and worthiness as an investment is self-evident. Potential investors are successful because of their judicious, cautious approach to all potential ventures.

You also want to be memorable, and to be able to demonstrate your strengths as a speaker. For this reason, it doesn’t hurt to show your funny side when it is appropriate to do so.

Investors aren’t only after your business ideas – they also need to assess how easy it will be to work alongside you. And while a good joke isn’t going to land you that business deal, it never hurts to make a positive, lasting impression on others. Read more below.

Keep it Natural

You don’t have to try being funny if it’s too far from your personality. Some of us are simply born to be funny on cue, while others are better at being spontaneous.

Don’t practice your jokes too much beforehand – if you have over-rehearsed, it will show, and your attempt will be awkward. In this instance, overthinking a joke is worse than not telling it at all.

Make Sure it’s Relevant to What You’re Saying

If you feel committed to the idea of making a joke, then ensure that you can navigate your presentation to it without going off topic.

You can try wordplay. You can also make fun of a serious topic without being offensive. It can be a planned line, but you have to deliver it seamlessly. Otherwise, everyone in the room would notice and hate it. 

Don’t Make Fun of the Investors

Making fun of people is you know personally is one thing; we all do it once in a while, and it usually lands well. It’s a great sign that you have built a strong bond with another person, and that you are both able to make light of one another.

Remember that, even if you are getting along well, you don’t have that relationship with these investors. An insensitive joke could spell the end of your business pitch, and ruin your chances.

Similarly, remember that a little self-deprecating humour can go a long way. You can poke fun at yourself, but you should never seek to highlight fault that might deter potential business partners.

Don’t Obsess

When you wish to say something funny or make everyone laugh, it should come naturally. If you spend hours thinking about jokes, you’re wasting your time.

When preparing for an important pitch, the focus should remain squarely on the quality of your idea, and your ability to present it well. You also have to prepare the room where you will hold the pitch. Check if there’s a projector wall mount to help make the presentation smoother. If you have an effective business plan and a good character, these investors would be willing to work with you.

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