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Bad Drip Labs: Top 5 E-Liquid Flavors To Try Before You Die

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you must know that the market is flooded with a variety of e-liquid flavors from numerous brands. But there is *one* that is unlike anything else you’ve tried: BAD DRIP LABS. It is a true vape star company known for crafting the world’s best (super delicious & intoxicating!) flavors. 

Fascinated much? If yes, let us walk you through the top five Bad Drip Labs vape juice flavors that will tickle your taste buds, just like you always wanted.

  • Bad Drip Labs – God Nectar

A delicious tropical blend of orange, mango, and guava topped with freshly plucked passion fruit, GOD NECTAR, is nothing less than a treat. If you are a big-time exotic fruit lover, this wholesome Bad Drip flavor is sure to take you to a divine paradise. Plus, it delights your nostrils and produces beautiful puffy clouds.

  • Bad Drip Labs – Don’t Care Bear

Want to feel like a kid in a candy store again? DON’T CARE BEAR by Bad Drip is the key! It is a super e-juice with the flavor of gummy candy, juicy peaches, and pears. All these flavors are top-notch quality and never taste harsh. That being said, you can consider “Don’t Care Bear” Bad Drip vape juice for long-term vaping sessions without worrying about any health effects. 

  • Bad Drip Labs – Bad Blood

BAD BLOOD is a classic Bad Drip juice flavor for adventurous vapers. With a succulent blend of hand-picked blueberries, pomegranate, and vanilla, it is a perfect combination that ever exists.

While the ripe blueberries envelop your mouth on the inhale, the sweetness of pomegranate and vanilla flavoring, at the same time, hits you hard on the exhale. Must say – it is a seamless choice to blow clouds in the summer season. 

  • Bad Drip Labs – Cereal Trip 

What it feels like to have a big bowl of fruity cereal in the morning – heavenly, right? Well, CEREAL TRIP by Bad Drip is more than that! It is an impressive e-liquid that offers the taste of fruity cereal treats, along with the flavor of cereals and sugared doughnuts. 

Cereal Trip is a kind of vape juice that you’d like to vape all day long. It leads to a delicate yet delicious throat hit, after all!

  • Bad Drip Labs – Ugly Butter

One of the finest and unique e-liquid in the Bad Drips vape juice line is none other than UGLY BUTTER. It has the flavor of fried dough, cinnamon sugar and banana pudding, ideal for vapers who are all into desserts or pastries. The best part is: it offers a smooth hit and never leaves you with any throat discomfort.

Thank you for sticking with and reading our top 5 Bad Drip Labs’ vape juice flavors. If you desire to elevate your vaping standards while satisfying your taste buds, wait no more and purchase your preferred flavor from the best online vape shop. Happy Vaping!

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