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5 Tips to choose the best collaboration software that you should know

best collaboration software

We have all been part of organizations that do not collaborate. We know how challenging this can be. As companies makeshift to the work-from-home lexicon, finding a way to streamline collaboration, share information, and work cross-functionally within the same site is essential. A collaboration site has allowed us to work more efficiently and productively. As a result, collaboration software has evolved over the decade. 

Formerly known as “groupware” in the 1990’s it was a collaborative platform allowing cross-channel communication with supporting software. Today, collaboration allows organizations to share, communicate, and solve project tasks by sharing files and information in one location. As we proceed towards 2020, collaboration within organizations is commonplace today. 

Gartner predicts that collaboration platforms will reach $4.9 billion by 2021, with 70% of employees dependent on work collaboration tools to deliver their tasks. As a result, employees are finding ways to communicate, and in return, companies witness increased efficiency with employees on every task. 

Collaboration Solutions effectively streamlines communications, cross operational, and sharing information cross-departmentally to incorporate a collaboration site. Online collaboration tools are the one-stop-shop for employees navigating through for marketing collateral, latest news, or information across the organization. 

Transparency in Operations

Having all projects located in one site with each project team member having access to a project’s status is updated and viewable by all participants with increased visibility across the departments. 

Companies use cloud computing intranet software to communicate news and updates internally. Transparency in operations keeps employees informed and engaged within the strategic direction and vision of the company. 


No one likes multiple accounts with a new set of habits to build. If the intranet platform fits well with your existing workspace, adoption will be smoother for the users. Collaboration software allows you to customize the intranet platform to navigate smoothly between groups and departments.

Moreover, collaboration software integrates the identity management platform, using a single sign-on to get stuck in the eternal cycle of logins. With the rise of social software, the right collaboration solutions social nirvana through the intranet. 

Taxonomy based search 

Flexible search functionality allows you to create a more intuitive way for users to find content. In addition, the intranet software with an open-source model allows companies to change searches under user-specific information-seeking behaviors and requirements. 

For easy adaptability among employees, we recommend you opt for technology that unites collaboration with increased productivity. 

Extensive functioning 

Opting for an intranet with limited accessibility can be challenging. However, social intranet software helps structure your data, which files you upload, and how people collaborate. Moreover, it gives users the liberty to add modules, extend functionality, or play with management tools.

If you plan the implementation properly, you can effectively manage it and reap the benefits. 

Easy adaptability

The hardest part of employing an intranet is to find one that’s developed for the employees and not just a reflection of your institution. The departments and silos in the organization are important for your organization’s identity, and therefore, it is important to organize content for easy navigation. 

A corporate intranet platform allows you to control how the content remains organized to design the metadata and how content highlights with the taxonomy terms. 

In Conclusion 

Collaboration software encourages employees to enhance productivity and make it easier to be at their best. We recommend you be mindful of selecting an employee portal for your organization that aligns with your company’s strategic plans.

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