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Using Coast Guard Benefits to Attend HVAC School

If you’re nearing the end of your Coast Guard career and looking at options in the civilian sector, you may be wondering just where to turn to. One career that is a growing and in demand field is that of HVAC design and repair. So after a rewarding career in a Coast Guard HVAC school could help you to break into this new field.

While in the Coast Guard, you enjoyed many benefits such as job stability and a regular paycheck. In the civilian sector today, this is increasingly hard to find. However, HVAC technicians are in high demand and many of the skills in leadership, teamwork, and management that you learned in the Coast Guard will benefit you well in this growing field. A career in HVAC design and repair can be a great way to transition into civilian life.

Money is always a concern when making the transition from the Coast Guard to the civilian sector. As such, you are probably a little concerned about just how much money you can make in the HVAC career sector. Well the HVAC field is a rather good paying field. Nationally HVAC technicians earn between $13 and $17 an hour, depending on the region and metro area of the country you are in. Also in areas that are warmer like Arizona and Florida, HVAC technicians are in short supply. Because of that, you are just about guaranteed a degree of job security that is not found in other fields.

Because of the job security that HVAC offers, you need to consider it as one of your educational options when leaving the service for civilian life. So when looking at your educational options for new careers after the Coast Guard HVAC school should be one to consider.

Using Coast Guard Educational Benefits

When you examine your educational benefits you want to look at using them at Coast Guard friendly schools. You may even want to consider attending school while still in the service. Because of this, talk with your prospective school’s financial aid counselors and see how they can work with you to get as much value as possible from your Coast Guard benefits. By doing this you can cover your tuition, your books, and other educational fees. You may even be able to attend school entirely at no cost to you.

In addition to seeking out help from the financial aid counselors, speak with your school’s academic counselors if you are attending school while still in the Coast Guard. This is important because you want Coast Guard friendly schools that can work with you on things like deployments and cruises that can interrupt a traditional clroom education. See if your school offers things like correspondence courses or online cles that you could take while you are on a cruise or deployment. This will allow you not to lose any time in completing your HVAC education.

So when examining all of your options for a career after the Coast Guard, realize that HVAC can offer some of the benefits that you have enjoyed in the service. Also search out your prospective school’s financial aid and academic counselors in order to get the most from your educational benefits. Finally, recognize that your Coast Guard educational benefits can open doors to a new high paying career field by paying for you to attend an HVAC school.

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