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Common Electrical Box Accessories -Allied Moulded Products

electrical enclosure

Accessories – help with electrical enclosure functionality and visibility, accessories can be finishing touches for the box, can be resources that help with installation, features that secure contents inside of box, full range of uses for accessories is wide, having access to accessories allows you to complete and customize box functionality

 Box Templates – make it easier to cut/install in drywall and other locations, already fitted for the box assembly, screw holes line up perfectly, simply place template where you need it and mark for cutting/drilling

 Mounting kits – perfect for specialized electrical boxes that need nonstandard mounting, kits speed up process and ensure it is properly secured for its intended function

 Clamps – used to clamp cables in fiberglass boxes, K clamp holds the cable secure, cable must be nonmetallic and sheathed to prevent damage/danger

 Outlet Covers – standard in homes and businesses, outlet covers provide protected access to outlets, clean up the look on the wall where it was cut for the electrical enclosure

 Blank Covers – great for protecting a box and its contents until they are needed, blank box prevents confusion so no one tries to access a box that is currently not in use, matches aesthetic of other covers, can easily be swapped for accessible cover when box is put into use

Switch Covers – for light switches, switches can control a number of items like lights/fans/vents and more, switch covers simplify access so that only the active switch or switches are accessible,

Metal Ground Strap – designed to secure grounding wires to a safe grounding point in the electrical enclosure, particularly important to have for non-conducting enclosures that still need a ground for application, the metal ground strap adds the function needed without compromising the advantages that come from using fiberglass or other non-conducting materials

Low Voltage Divider Plate – essential for multi-gang electrical boxes, divider plates can be used to separate line and low voltage applications, allows for more utility in a single box, multi-gang box can safely hold as many circuit groups as can be divided in the enclosure, very efficient and gives you more control over design/outcome

Metal Wing Bracket– wing bracket s used to mount enclosures after sheetrock has already been installed, allows for ad hoc box addition with minimal damage/disruption to the room/wall structure, uses galvanized steel for strength and reliability

Metal Wire Clamp – metal clamp is for use in both wall and ceiling boxes, stronger option when non-metallic k clamp is not viable, can be made from galvanized or carbon fiber steel depending on use case

Vents – allow for moisture control in already assembled electrical enclosure, moisture vents prevent excessive condensation or other moisture buildup from leading to puddling/ponding/pooling that can become dangerous for the contents of the box, essential in many outdoor box applications

Hole sealseals holes in enclosure when ingress is a concern, seals can provide varied levels of ingress protection, for high ingress protection ratings, electrical enclosure will have to be designed for the specialized case

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