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Exciting Evolution Of Apple Watch | From History To Present-Day

Interesting journey of iWatch…

Text messaging, notifications, internet connectivity, and all other intriguing features of the iPhone are now surprisingly accessible on the wrist. All thanks to the world’s remarkable brand – Apple, that turned the game of technology by enunciating Apple Watch in 2015. Not only this, Apple, the eager beaver kept on engaging its followers with the release of a new version of iWatch every year.

To a little more surprise, the overflowing love for this innovative gadget encourages some entrepreneurs to launch top-notch replicas of Apple Watch accessories like link bracelets for Apple Watch. All this is to fulfill the dream of techies to complement their elegant timepiece a little affordably.

Let’s shred the light on endeavors of the brand in winning the hearts of people with the continuous evolution of iWatch.

2015 – The Year Of Launch

Turning the ideas, plans, and strategies of 2014 into reality in 2015, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple presented the world’s powerful gadget, Apple Watch for the first time. This was in connotation to the iPhone 6 and the piece was centered around the goal of fitness tracking. Besides, it was no less than a high-end fashion accessory that blew the mind of every individual with its alluring look.

2016 – The Year With More Brightness And Functions

Surprisingly, Apple brought up extra features like GPS and the ability to connect iWatch with the iPhone without the internet in the form of Apple Watch Series 2. Though the second version was not much distinguished in the case of look, the addition of new features made Apple shine in the news headline. 

The availability of Apple Watch link bracelets then raised more enthusiasm among folks to wear the new version extra stylishly.

2017 – The Year When Siri Came In Life

2017 made a buzz all over the world with the introduction of Apple Watch Series 3, the most enhanced series. It came up with a bundle of improvements and exciting new features that made people’s life amusing. These are:

  • Option to take a call
  • Interaction with Siri
  • Streaming music
  • Voicemail
  • Reminders and alerts

All these features and benefits are more fun when the iWatch is blended with a super-stylish black link bracelet for Apple Watch.

2018 – The Year With Health Improvement 

Apple Watch Series 4 pioneered in 2018 was all about health-boosting. You can use it for numerous options like emergency SOS, fall detection, and ECG generation. Besides, the introduction of larger size displays, that are either 40mm or 44mm grabbed everyone’s attention that year.

2019 – The Year With Everything Better

From looks to features, Apple Watch Series 5 enunciated in 2019 comprises everything sensational. It is able to offer more incredible fitness features along with a flourished fashion statement. You can complement it with an Apple Watch link bracelet for extra lavishness.

2020 – The Year With Improved Sleep Tracking 

2020 is making new headlines every single day with the recently declared Apple Watch Series 6. Some of the newly added features like Oxygen blood sensors are taking the market by storm. In addition, now you can track your sleep schedule much better and can find yourself being the master of your health.

In a nutshell, Apple is no less than a wonder from the beginning until now. Be it your personal or professional life, opting iWatch with a blend of link bracelets for Apple Watch can change your day to ultra-amazing.

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