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How CBD Can Fix Your Sleep Schedule

People have used cannabis medicinally and recreationally for a long time. Compounds called cannabinoids primarily cause the effects of cannabis. And two of the most common are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The effects of THC and CBD on the brain differ, but both are psychoactive. CBD is non-impairing, unlike THC.

There are many reasons for using CBD, including reducing seizures, anxiety, and pain. Studies suggest CBD may be helpful as a sleep aid as well. Certain types of sleepers either struggle to fall or to stay asleep. On average, over one-half of all Americans report feeling sleepy between three and seven days per week. 

You can avoid sleep debt and improve your sleep by using a variety of solutions. Some approaches to treating insomnia include improving sleep hygiene, taking prescription sleep aids, and using natural sleeping aids. You can click here to learn more.

Our article examines how CBD can fix your sleep schedule. 

Sleeping: How Does CBD Help?

We must consider the endocannabinoid system as crucial in understanding how CBD plays a part in sleeping. Only recently have researchers discovered how the ECS manages the body’s functions and supports homeostasis. It works by interacting with various cannabinoids in our bodies. And we can think each cannabinoid is a “key” that attaches to the “locks” on our cannabinoid receptors.

Rather than increasing melatonin production (the sleep hormone), CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptor and creates a general feeling of relaxation. While melatonin might be great for those who need a little help getting to sleep now and then, it will not remedy any issues that prevent people from falling asleep or staying asleep – like an imbalanced endocannabinoid system.

How can CBD oil help fix your sleep schedule?

There is research showing that cannabis oil works to relieve insomnia by treating its root causes, such as

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Pain

It does this by interacting with brain neurotransmitters to relax the body. To be sure CBD will work for a user, one must always seek medical advice.

How CBD helps relieve stress and anxiety

Stress or stress-related conditions are often responsible for insomnia. When you have insomnia, your cortisol levels could be higher at night since there’s elevated cortisol—stress hormone at night. Switching off and falling asleep can be difficult when this happens.

Using CBD reduces cortisol levels in the body cheap cbd vape juice by activating your endocannabinoid system. This reduces the likelihood of insomnia caused by stress. Research has shown that CBD can reduce anxiety and improve sleep. It turned out that these effects lasted only a short time, and then participants reported that their sleep deteriorated again. Therefore, CBD may work short-term, but it isn’t likely to be a long-term solution.

How CBD helps regulate pain

Physical pain can also cause insomnia. Meanwhile, CBD can help ease pain by relaxing tight muscles and reducing inflammation. CBD oil, according to experts, can help with pain reduction. Here, taking CBD oil could benefit you if you suffer from physical pains that cause insomnia.

Does CBD promote sleep quality?

CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce stress hormones, allowing you to relax and sleep deeper. CBD oil may help you get to sleep more rapidly, regardless of whether you have insomnia or other sleep disorders. It can prevent your mind from becoming distracted by external things, like loud noises or bright lights.

What is the recommended amount of CBD oil for sleep?

Because CBD oil products vary, people sleep differently, and there are different cannabinoid receptors in other people, there is no definitive dose. It may be best, to begin with, one drop per night to find your optimal dosage. It might help take the exact dosage each night until you find your sweet spot, but if it does not, you can increase it slightly each night until it does.

If you are uncomfortable with 15mg, start with 5mg and increase when you are comfortable.

How to Take CBD to Restore Your Natural Sleep Cycle

Vaping — medical marijuana or smoking CBD are some ways you can use CBD. Also, there are creams and ointments that you can topically apply CBD as well. Because of the resistance barrier of the skin, topical CBD applications will have little effect on restoring the sleep cycle. When we vape or smoke CBD, we feel the results quickly, but it wears off faster, and it is sometimes hard to gauge the most effective dosage amount. 

We recommend that easy-to-take capsules containing precisely measured doses of CBD 15mg, taken regularly 30-60 minutes before sleep, are the best method of promoting a regular sleep-wake cycle. 

More tips to fix your sleep schedule

  • CBD may not be suitable for everyone. There are other methods to help you sleep better. You can also try some tips below to get a good night’s sleep:
  • Your bedroom should be quiet, cool, and calm
  • Before going to sleep, take time to unwind
  • Before going to sleep, avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Exercise regularly during the day to tire yourself out
  • Relax your mind before sleep by reducing day-to-day stress
  • Relax with soothing essential oils

Final thoughts

Using CBD for sleep is becoming more popular. CBD works as a powerful calming and relaxing agent – useful for easing sleep-deprived minds. Cannabinoids and terpenes present in CBD oil support sleep by enhancing CBD’s effects.


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