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How do You Choose the Best NDIS Meal Providers, and What to Expect from Them?

NDIS is a way for the government to ensure that members of the national community living with any disability receive the appropriate funding. The support services and the resources that are needed can be delivered to the person as necessary.

So when you are choosing an NDIS meal provider for yourself or your loved ones, then it’s important to look for the following things before enrolling and registering for the meal plan delivery service:

  • You have some set goals regarding fitness and health; see if the NDAS provider meets your personal needs and helps you achieve your targets by making customized plans for you.
  • The supporter should be capable of providing any support you might need, including your health and your rights. 
  • The supporter should value your choice and customize the meals according to your taste and preferences. 
  • The NDIS meal provider should ensure that they charge you a fair price. 
  • The supporters must have a system that accepts complaints and feedback and ensures you get the highest quality meals possible. 
  • The providers should be well equipped with flexible deliveries to avoid missing any slots due to sudden last-minute changes. 
  • What do other differently-abled people say about the quality of the support and food the meal providers provide them. 

How do you place the order for NDIS delivery?

Irrespective of how you’ve managed, A life plus ensures that you get the healthiest and tastiest meals from a wide variety of selections.

  1. You need to order from the menu, and after organizing the paperwork from relevant people, you will receive the message with the delivery date, and the chefs will start preparing the meals. You can choose any customization if you are allergic or not used to any particular diet, including gluten, dairy, meat or sugar.
  2. From the fresh ingredients, your meals are hand-cooked based on seasonal varieties so that you can enjoy hundreds of varieties.
  3. You can directly contact the manager in case there are any changes or any particular feedback. For example, your demands could be different each day, and your meals will be prepared according to you.

How am I charged for the NDIS Meals?

You need to contribute a small portion of the cost for the ingredients, i.e. 25% of the cost, which is about $2 to $4.75.

The remaining costs for the item are invoiced to the NDIS. From 75% up to a maximum of $11.61 per meal for the preparation, cooking and delivery shall be charged. 

Booking good NDIS meals from A life plus not only ensures you get healthy and fresh meals on time from our trusted cooks and ingredients, but the taste will make you hooked and keep coming for more!

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