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Nigerian Tribune: Nation’s Most Prestigious Newspaper

The Nigerian Tribune newspaper is a leading daily in the country, published in Lagos and distributed throughout the country. It claims a readership of over five million, making it one of the most widely read and influential media sources in Nigeria. Established in 1949, the Nigerian Tribune newspaper has been a powerful voice for African unity, the promotion of democracy and the defense of human rights throughout the continent. Over the years, it has become a go-to source for national news, international stories, op-eds, and more.

The Nigerian Tribune newspaper has been consistently ranked among Nigeria’s top newspapers for many years. In 2012, it won the Nigerian Press Organisation of Nigeria’s most prestigious newspaper award and has since been recognized in multiple awards ceremonies across the country. This includes the overall winner of the 2015 Nigerian Press Merit Award and the prestigious Journalism in Nigeria Award in 2017. The paper is widely respected for its quality coverage of Nigerian politics, economy, and international affairs. Its team of experienced journalists is renowned for its thorough and comprehensive reporting style.

In addition to its comprehensive news coverage, the Nigerian Tribune newspaper also draws attention to various social issues, public health, and education initiatives all over the country. Its robust editorial section includes opinion pieces and discussion of the latest topics occurring in Nigeria today. Recently, the Nigerian Tribune paper has increased the coverage of its dedicated lifestyle section and provides interviews, advice, and insight into Nigerian culture.

The Nigerian Tribune newspaper has also made significant investments in digital media, including the launch of its website and mobile app. This allows the paper to reach out to younger and tech-savvy generations through multimedia content, podcasts, videos, and virtual reality.

The Nigerian Tribune newspaper is also significant for its contribution to African unity, democracy and human rights. Issues like nepotism, corruption, women-rights and child prostitution are all topics that the paper has highlighted and campaigned against in the public interest. Over the years, it has received multiple awards from a variety of organizations, including the Nigerian Press Organisation of Nigeria (NPO) and Organization of African Unity.

The newspaper also prides itself on its high reporting standards, with more than 60 correspondents and a team of editors working around the clock to ensure accuracy and thoroughness in articles. This commitment to unbiased reporting remains a priority and has earned the paper the admiration of many. The Nigerian Tribune is widely seen as one of the most influential newspapers in the country and its reach continues to grow online and through its many regional offices. 

The Nigerian Tribune newspaper is an institution that has been a proud leader in the nation’s media landscape for decades. The paper has consistently won awards for its critical reporting on Nigerian politics, economy and international affairs, as well as its dedication to social issues, public health, and education. In addition, its digital media presence has helped to reach new audiences and update readers with multimedia content, podcasts, and virtual reality. Although the Nigerian Tribune newspaper faces stiff competition from various other media sources, it remains an influential source of information and a trusted source for turnkey journalistic quality.


The Nigerian Tribune newspaper is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious publications that has kept its readers up to date on major news stories since 1949. It has won numerous awards and is respected for its comprehensive coverage, editorial pieces, and lifestyle section. The newspaper has also made strides in digital media, allowing it to reach new generations and update readers on the latest happenings in the countrY