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Resonance – Private tutor in Australia

Have you heard about the Tacoma Narrows Bridge failure and the reasons, which cause this incident to occur? If you are aware of some basic physics phenomenons come under the waves, you might know the answer for this. It is none other than the Resonance.

Although the Tacoma bridge had been designed for winds of 120 mph and yet a wind of only 42 mph caused it to collapse. How could this happen? No one knew the exact reason however; the experts do agree that somehow the wind caused the bridge to resonate. They have found that the most probable explanation for this incident could be the wind providing an external frequency that matched the natural structural frequency of the bridge.

Any way what really the resonance is? You might have learnt this either from your school teacher or from your private tutor in Australia. The Resonance of an object occurs when the forcing frequency equals the natural frequency of the object. In more simplified way when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion we call that resonance occurs. At this moment the vibrating objects tends to vibrate/ oscillate in its maximum amplitude which means it attains it maximum energy sate as well.

Do we find any real life applications on this so called phenomenon resonance? Without resonance we wouldn’t have radio, television, music, or swings on playgrounds. Of course, resonance also has its dark side. It occasionally causes a bridge to collapse like in the Tacoma Narrows Bridge incident, a helicopter to fly apart, or other inconveniences. Unlike black holes, time travel, and quantum mechanics, resonance is common place and easy to observe. Yet, it is one of the most striking and unexpected phenomenon in all of physics.

If I say the resonance is the cause of the sound production in musical instrument you might be curious of how does it happen? Blowing air across the mouthpiece of a flute or bowing a violin in just the right place. In each case, a clearly amplified sound will be heard when the frequency of the forcing vibration matches a natural resonant frequency of the instrument. Also an acoustic guitar amplifies sound from the vibrating strings by setting up resonance in the air and the wood of the guitar body.

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