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Riding V/s Walking The Right Golf Course Mower

Walking green mowers or riding green mowers, selecting the right mower is crucial. If you’re thinking of maintaining your golf course, it’s important to use the right golf course mowers. Also, you can useĀ  used golf course equipment as well. If you ride green mowers, that’s an easy option. It takes less effort to operate and covers more distance in a day. There are many things that you must consider before you buy Golf course maintenance equipment.

Major Key Differences

Purchase and Maintenance Cost

This is a common mistake that people make. Solely considering the initial cost of the mower only is a mistake. But, the lifetime cost of the machine can help you better. It totally depends on how you wish to use the golf course mower.

Cost of Walking the Green Mower

The average cost of a good quality pre-owned walking greens mower is $4,000. You can expect the Toro GR 1600 for the same amount. There are many maintenance costs you need to factor in. The average annual cost depends on the mid-range walking greens mower. It’s around $150 per year.

Cost of Riding Greens Mower

Riding green mowers come in a variety of sizes and prices also vary a great deal. For instance – Middle of the road mower or a used Toro Triplex is around $15,500. Plus, you can add maintenance costs as well. The average cost of riding mowers is around $300 per year. It is not very easy to work out and find the option that’s least expensive. If you’ve the right manpower to use walking mowers, it might be cost-effective for you.

Manpower and Speed

These are the major concerns for every mower owner. Walking the greens mowers will take longer to cover a large area. There are 18 hole courses and it will take 6 staff members to cover 120,000 sq ft in just a few hours. You must also consider a physical output. Otherwise, it might take a lot of effort to walk behind the walking mower. Riding mowers for the new users might exactly sound as it is. A hydraulics and an engine powers them and the user rides along. Riding mowers are quicker than walking mowers. They both vary in speed. Plus, they come with a higher price tag and you won’t achieve as good of a cut. In case you’re more concerned about the speed and keeping employee numbers, go for riding mowers.

Quality of Walking The Green Mowers

Quality of cut is related to the quality of mowers. You often get what you pay for. A few large golf mowers can afford riding mowers as well. That’s because they can achieve the best cut with walking mowers. At the end of the day, that’s the most important factor. You can easily achieve a desirable and close cut with the riding mowers as well. You cannot achieve a perfect contour and uniform striping without investing in a high-end riding mower.

Everything being said, it’s up to you which one to choose and why. Make the right use of the golf course mowers.


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