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The Least Estimated Signs That Indicate Your BBQ Gas Bottle Needs a Refill or Replacement.

Believe it or not, more than 20% of Australian homes rely on BBQ gas bottles to fuel appliances and furnaces, especially when winters are approaching. Another surprising fact is that the percentage of homeowners that rely highly on these propane bottles to power their grills is comparatively high.

For the same reason, keeping a proper gas supply in BBQ bottles is the key to appliances working well and keeping homes comfortable and cosy enough. Even so, with all the hustle and bustle in routine, how will you tell that tanks are getting low? Usually, it is not that difficult to figure out. However, we have made it quite clear to know when is the actual time to refill that propane tank. So watch for the below-mentioned signs! 

The Meter Gauge Shows it Low

Almost every BBQ gas bottle has a meter that shows the level of gas inside it, which also eventually lets you check the tank level anytime you see any difference. At the same time, some tanks don’t come with gauges; even so, you can install one yourself. To observe, if you see the needle sitting close to full or leaning towards the end line, then the gas level is standard. However, as you see the needle moving counterclockwise towards the empty sign, the gas needs a quick refill. Another unique situation that you may get to see could be a sudden fall in the gas level or bad odour coming out. Well, that is the moment when you need to call a professional plumber to check for the leakage or replacement of the bottle. 

The BBQ Gas Tank Weighs Light 

Normally, tanks in residential spaces are too large to carry. Still, that also indicates a low gas level as they will feel lighter to pick up. With this, check the date out on your calendar when you got a refill for the last time. Then, head to your nearest gas station to get it filled again. If you don’t feel like stepping out, it is never too late to contact a local certified plumber specialising in BBQ gas refill. 

The Grill Doesn’t Light

From time to time, the easiest way to know that your BBQ gas bottle needs a refill or replacement is to try lighting your Grill. When there is enough gas in the bottle, you will be able to produce a flame. However, if it is empty or having any leakage, the Grill won’t light properly. Other than this, weird noises with that annoying hiss from the fuel line is another sign to look for and indicate your BBQ gas needs to be refilled. 

When the Flame Stumbles More 

Every BBQ bottle needs to have enough propane in it to continue working well. When the tank is full, it sends the supply. Still, if the gas levels are low or zero, the bottle may need gas they normally need to light. Often, you may see that flame is low or sputtering much while the appliance is ON. 

These were just some of the least estimated signs that indicate that now is the time your BBQ gas bottle needs a refill or replacement. If you notice any similar sign, don’t just wait to call an expert plumber near you. Plus, make sure that you don’t use any expired gas bottles as it is considered completely illegal by the Australian Government. 

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