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Top Spray Tan Questions Answered

From the moment you decide to get a spray tan to when you actually get it, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. May it be choosing the right color of the tan, finding the best spray for tanning, considering the right time of the year for getting tanned or post tan care; there is a lot that goes in the mind. In this article, we are here to answer all your questions and help you get the best tan.

No matter how many articles you read about tanning, you do not understand the right tan color for you until you ask an expert. There are several tanning salons in OKC and many of them provide expert consultation but still many fail to choose the right color for you or even the best spray for tanning. This article is all about helping you understand what is right for your skin and what would make your skin glow in the exact shade that you always wanted. So without any further, ado let us get started with the most common spray tan questions and their answers.

How does spray tanning work?

Spray tans contain a chemical called dihydroxyacetone in it which is commonly known as DHA. When you get spray tanned, DHA is absorbed into the topmost layer of your skin cells. As the absorption takes place, there occurs a chemical reaction which makes the skin darker. The coloration process is not at all harmful and is completely painless. While choosing the best spray for tanning you need to make a choice between two types of spray tans. Either you yourself do the whole thing by buying a spray tan bottle or can visit a salon nearby.

How long does spray tan last?

The color that you get from spray tan will never fade away but it will gradually disappear from the skin as your body sloughs off dead skin cells. As mentioned above the tanning process lets only the top layer of the skin cells absorb the chemical that causes tanning. Hence once the skin cells are dead and sloughed off, the color of tanning would also disappear. Even the best spray for tanning will vanish after the skin cells are dead. In most of the cases it takes a week for all the skin cells to slough off and that is when you will return back to your normal skin color.

How to prepare for a spray tan?

The night before you get spray tanned, scrub off all the dead skin cells with the help of a good exfoliant and a loofah. As spray tan colors your outermost layer of skin, you should make sure they are not dead. After this, moisturize your skin really well so that the skin absorbs the spray tan really well. Do not use an oil based moisturiser as that would not let the tanning solution seep in. Spray tanning is generally done only after the skin is properly cleaned and moisturized with a water based moisturiser. Lastly, do not forget to wear loose fitting clothes as you head to the salon for spray tan in OKC.

How to take care of skin after spray tan?

As soon as you get spray tanned, wipe off the excess liquid from your skin with the help of a towel. Once everything is completely dried, go ahead with wearing your loose clothes. It takes around 24 hours to get the desired color of the tan. After tanning, you will have to wait for almost 5 hours for shower. Whether you go for organic spray tan in OKC or the other one, avoid getting involved in the sweta inducing activities as that may adversely affect your spray tan color. Always remember to keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing it after every shower.

Spray tanning is a neray perfected art by now. You should definitely give it a shot.

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