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What Are Digital Products, And Why Should You Sell Them?

Selling digital products is a low-cost, hassle-free way to open a new revenue stream. Whether that stream is a trickle or a torrent will depend on how much time you give, your product’s quality, and how well you promote them. 

You may have hopes of making it big, or you may want a passive income stream that can grow to replace your job eventually.

Moreover, having your platform to sell digital goods online is a winning situation. Often, one has the knowledge of selling products but needs a reliable eCommerce platform, and then they go through all the trouble to sell them. But an existing website will make you skip this process. 

So, let’s start reading about digital products and why you should sell them.

What Is A Digital Product?

Digital products are any virtual item you can pay for and download instantly. They are digital in the sense that you can’t touch them.

Streaming movies and TV, video games, software, and apps are the big hitters, and they’re the first things you might think of when you hear “digital products.” 

But there are many other ways you can create digital products from your knowledge, creativity, skills, and expertise.

Why Sell Digital Products?

It might seem overwhelming to create, market, and sell digital products online, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. 

Plus, there are many profitable reasons to sell digital products online:

Low investment, (potentially) high returns

You can put many digital items together using only time, energy, and a little focus. Online marketplaces and e-commerce tools are relatively affordable compared to renting a brick-and-mortar location or building a physical inventory. 

More profitable than physical goods

The sale of digital products has a higher margin than physical products. And that margin upgrades over time because you don’t need to spend any money producing more units.

No inventory, shipping, or rent hassle

Besides the fact that you don’t have to cover the cost of producing, storing, or physically shipping items, you can also avoid the logistics. Selling digital products through an online platform has the capability to be radically simple—which is why it’s an ideal side business.

Automated delivery for passive income

If you work somewhere else with a full-time job,  the digital products you sell online can keep the flow of the money regular, even if your days are fully occupied. 

Serve a niche at scale.

Sometimes, it helps to be good at something vague. Sharpening on a specific audience with specific needs is easier than competing broadly.

The challenge with selling niches locally is that there often isn’t a big enough market. But even the smallest niches are grand enough to serve globally, with no geological boundaries limiting who you can sell to. With a stable platform, you can sell digital goods online, and chances are that it can match any number of people’s interests. 


Just by exploring digital products, you’ve taken the first step. You know what is good for your business. Hopefully, you’ve got a few digital product ideas to sell. And now, all you have to do is look for a website builder tool like Shoprocket that will make it easy to sell digital products online. The next best thing you can do is to get started!